Sceptical of going out for Picnic? Book these 5 campsites exclusively.

A lot has changed since the Covid outbreak. Seasons have shifted and most of us are accustomed to the concept of the ‘new normal’. Infact, many of us are already exploring how far we can go without compromising safety. For families, that may mean something as simple as a picnic or a day spent outside with the loved ones. After all, very few things hold the same joy as a picnic does. Kids love them and parents get the much needed break from work and home. However, the current covid scare has left us looking at any trip as a rather complicated process. Is travel safe? Is the space sanitised and well managed? What will be the best way to avoid the crowds? Such questions and many more need answering before you can pack your bags and just head out like the good old days. 

If you are in a similar gamut of scepticism but are still pining for that picnic, we have some ideas for you. It may sound intimidating but you can now book campsites exclusively. Here are a few reasons why and where you should do so-


1. Outdoors : Right now, the outdoors is the safest place to hang out and spend time freely. Covid19 is more likely to spread and thrive in contained spaces and on surfaces that get touched often. Simply put, an outdoor camp is the ideal setting for a picnic. Nestled in the backdrop of Aravalis, Rocksport Camp Gurgaon is a perfect spot for a family day out. You can have the entire space for yourself and enjoy various activities such as scrambling, sport climbing, tractor rides and hikes. 


2. Safety : A picnic or family day out can do wonders for everyone’s health . But obviously you are more worried about the safety of your loved ones. And with that sword hanging over our neck, it is not easy to relax and let you guard down. So how do we find the fine balance and interact with the outside world in a safe manner? An exclusive camp gives you the liberty to enjoy it’s perks all by yourself. What more could you ask for? All Rocksport Camps are following strict measures to keep Covid19 at bay. From regular sanitisation, thermometer check ups and staff monitoring, customer’s safety is the priority.  Rocksport Camp, Rajpura is a great option to have a customised picnic whilst remaining guarded. 


3. Proximity : You definitely want to opt for the best picnic spot that is near you. Far away trips require permissions, e-passes and even a covid negative certificate; in short a hassle. If you are in Delhi, you can consider the Rocksport Camp in Kundli for a one day picnic. Spread across 5 acres of lush green expanse, it is just a 75 minute drive away from India Gate. The camp is surrounded with trees and has raw brick houses for you to rest up.


4. Adventure : A day out doesn’t have to be spent just eating out of a picnic basket and taking photos. Think of it as an opportunity to challenge yourself and explore the possibilities of vertical and dynamic challenges. Rocksport Camp Thane offers a range of outdoor activities for kids. Enjoy activities such as Burma Bridge, Commando Net, Tyre Maze, Zip Lining and more. By the end of the day you will be tired but your spirits will remain high!


5. Unwind : For those of us whose idea of a perfect picnic or family day out feels incomplete without a lake or pond and ducks passing by, Rocksport Camp Greater Noida, is where you want to be. This camp is for the creative heads with activities such as pottery, tree climbing and balancing beam to keep you hooked. It also has a lovely kitchen garden to take a walk through. Rest assured that you will feel rejuvenated from your visit here. 

From the options listed here for day trips with family or one day picnics, we are certain you will find your ultimate picnic spot. And why stop at one, you can choose a new spot each weekend!

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