Residential Programs

Rocksport Residential Programs are experiential learning holidays for 9-17-year olds. Campuses for these programs are located near popular tourist destinations and are nestled in the lap of nature, providing a superior alternative over traditional holidays. During the course of the program, students perform adventure activities, explore the local towns, converse with the communities and learn new skills. The programs also offer a unique experience of being one with nature as students learn about flora and fauna and appreciate the calmness and beauty of nature. By working together, they learn the importance of teamwork; identify their strengths, challenge their fears & become confident and responsible individuals.

Rocksport residential programs are compliant of IAYP, CAS and Round Square.

Guarded camp premises and 100% safety record in activities

Largest team of certified instructors and female instructors at all camps

First Aid Trained Instructors and 8:1 Child to instructor ratio

Nurse on Campus, Back up vehicle for evacuation, Doctor on Call

Separate accommodation for boys and girls

10+ lakh hours of experience

Infrastructure and accommodation at camp

All campsites are situated amidst natural surroundings but are yet in close proximity to commercial spots in case of any requirement. Cam premises are fenced, well-lit and have 24 hours power back-up. Accommodation at camps is a mix of tents and cottages with separate living quarters for boys and girls. Attached as well as common washrooms are available with western WCs. Hot water is supplied regularly.


All campsites have a designated dining area and a fully functional kitchen. Menus are designed by nutritionists to ensure that students eat well balanced meals. All vegetables are organically grown and any special requests due to allergies can be accommodated if notified in advance. Apart from major meals, students are also provided energy drinks and snacks at regular intervals.

Why Rocksport Residential Programs

A lot more than just sightseeing

While on a normal holiday, students visit places that are already known and commercialised, at Rocksport Residential Campsites, they spend more time exploring one place, learn about flora-fauna, understand the region’s socio-economic conditions and get a flavour of local cultures.

A lot more skills to learn

Our programs are designed to transform students and encourage positive habits like self-discipline, healthy eating and collaborative living. They are offered creative outlets to express themselves by journal writing, face painting and samba. Camp activities build leaders who are independent and accountable for themselves and their peers.

A lot more confidence to gain

During the program, students face various challenges, which they overcome by fighting their fears and taking independent decisions. They experience a sense of achievement as they complete tasks like mountain biking, caving, survival trekking, etc.

A lot more fresh air to breath

Students during the program tune in to the nature’s cycle and enjoy an active lifestyle. They follow a planned schedule through the day, become sensitive towards their surroundings and learn the importance of nature conservation.

A lot more Supervised & Safe

With India’s largest team of certified and first aid trained instructors, an in house nurse and a high ratio of 8 children per instructor, the safety on campus is assured. A back up vehicle is always at camp to handle any medical emergency. The equipment used in camps is best in class and UIAA / CE compliant, ensuring safety and quality. Camps have a healthy mix of male and female instructors and separate accommodation for boys and girls.


Stringent safety measures

Compulsory facemasks for anyone entering the camp with thermal screening at the entrance

Limited capacity

All camps run at a lower capacity to ensure social distancing with a siren every 40 minutes to remind everyone to sanitize their hands

Social Distancing

Strict precautions followed to ensure social distancing within the campsites

A Day at Camp

At Rocksport Residential Programs, experiences are designed in accordance with ayurvedic doshas to enhance self-discipline and promote an active lifestyle. The day is divided into 5 phases that aligns students with their natural body clock and helps them master the art of being their most productive selves.

6:00 – 9:00

Mastering the art of waking up early

This is the time of the day when rigorous exercise, breathing and meditation are most beneficial. Staying active and eating healthy keeps students energised throughout the day

Rocksport Residential Camps


A 30 minute yoga session every morning prepares students mentally and physically to overcome challenges through the day.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Morning Exercise

An hour of exercise which includes stretching, jogging, push-ups, sit ups etc. acts as a perfect warm up for the tough physical activities that await.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Woody Buddy

There are interesting things to learn about trees, its leaves, fruits and flowers. At camp, students get to explore the flora-fauna in the jungle and gather collectibles in a nature journal.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Sunrise Trek

Watching the sun rise is an experience in itself. Students trek for a few meters up the hill to witness the first rays of the sun.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Confidence Courses

Students test their own limits by taking on obstacles such as Commando net, Tarzan swing, Balance beam, Mowgli walk and Hop scotch. They compete with their own selves and emerge more confident and focused.

9:00 – 2:00 PM

Mastering the art of hard work

The best time of the day to get things done and complete the most difficult tasks. The hardest challenges and the most important tasks can be easily completed during this phase.

Mountain Biking

Students ride an all-terrain bike (ATB) on off–road conditions. This activity teaches them the skill of endurance, balance and control.


Students explore natural underground passages and secret chambers formed by dissolved limestone rocks. It’s like seeing their geography textbooks come alive.

Raft Building

Students soak in some high-paced action as they partner up and build a raft. They paddle firmly to row past the finish line and emerge as champions!

Body Surfing

Students surf through gushing water streams and let loose to enjoy the chills as they bounce
their way from one place to another.

2:00 – 5:00 PM

Mastering the art of creative thinking

This time of the day is most suited to do creative thinking, problem solving or other activities that require brain power. Doing mental activities can reap wonderful rewards at these hours.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Face Paint

A clown, a ghost or a fearsome lord of the sea! Students get a chance to paint each other’s face with organic colours and don a new avatar for the day.

Rocksport Residential Camps


Students are encouraged to create music out of waste. They pick up whatever is lying around them and produce melodies.

Survival Skills

Students explore the jungle and are given the feel of raw living as they learn about survival skills. They are given the tips and tricks of making shelters, finding water underground, etc.

Rocksport Residential Camps


From building emergency stretchers to playful catapults, it’s all about creating masterpieces from ropes and sticks.

Knot Making

From the figure of eight to the clove hitch, students learn about various adventure knots used in mountaineering.

Village Visit

Students visit the nearby village to experience rural life from close quarters. They interact with villagers, observe their lifestyle and come back with a fresh perspective to life.

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Mastering the art of introspection

The most ideal thing before the day ends is to sit back and reflect. Sitting in solace, introspecting or writing a journal allows learning and helps prepares for another productive day.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Journal Writing

Students are encouraged to pen down their thoughts. It enhances their skill of expression.

Rocksport Residential Camps

Silent Hour

It’s an hour when students are encouraged to remain silent and reflect on themselves. It helps them emerge as more calm and focused human beings.

Rocksport Residential Camps


There’s no better way to become a better human being than to introspect. At camp, students are encouraged to reflect on their actions and behaviour.

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Mastering the art of de-stressing

These last few hours of the day should be spent doing calming activities with friends & family. Activities such as singing and sharing stories promoted bonding amongst peers, releases stress and prepares for a restorative night.


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Rocksport Adventure camps


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Home of the wild

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Wild Escape



Words from our clients


Adventure trips give children an opportunity to enhance their team work, leadership skills and time management. It gives them hands-on experience and helps overcome challenging tasks.


Rocksport needs to be congratulated for making experiential learning authentic and safe. The entire team is focussed , honest & friendly. Surely an organization you can trust.


Adventure camping not only educates but being IAYP compatible it also helps obtaining necessary credits for fulfillment of IB curriculum. We at Pathway, acknowledge the collaboration with Rocksport in successfully organizing several adventure programs and camps in past years.