10 Adventure Activities to do Before You Turn 30

We all know that age is just a number yet there is something about the 20s that makes us want to chase thrilling experiences and get outside our comfort zone. It is like the right amount of curiosity, confidence and freedom to try something completely different even if that means going off the track or chasing our very own fears. That’s why we tend to gravitate towards adventure at this phase in our lives. One can think of it as a bucket list. Maybe in our right minds, we would never want to actually go through that but deep down inside we want to experience the adrenaline once. That’s what makes this list enticing; knowing it will be crazy, scary and we still want to do it! Also, you get to travel to some of the most scenic locations in order to try them. The whole escapade becomes an immersive getaway. You can momentarily forget about everything and just roll with the flow. Here are 10 such adventure filled activities that you need to do before you turn 30 – 


1) Caving in Nainital: Not often do we think about the underground realm and what’s beneath the surface. Start by exploring the cavities in the magnificent caves of Nainital. It is an unreal feeling when you enter a cluster of interconnected rock formations and realise a whole world lives underneath. Extra points for being a weekend trip for folks in Delhi.

2) Stream Runner in Mussoorie: You might be too familiar with the idea of running down a stream in a boat. Now imagine doing that but in the reverse direction and on foot! Mind boggling isn’t it? You will have a blast going against the flow of the water while being attached to a rope in the stream of Mussoorie. Obstacles such as big boulders and mini waterfalls will keep the challenge exciting. 

3) Bungy Jumping in Nepal: A popular heart racing, high on adrenaline activity that finds its way on many adventure bucket lists. Jumping into oblivion with only a rope attached to your feet is a chance to experience free falling. And then swaying while being suspended mid air with a gorge or valley below you, this is the epitome of “going for it”.

4) Mountain Biking in Mashobra: Up your biking game by entering the daring terrain of mountains in Mashobra. The rush of zooming past deodar trees on thin dirt trails and steep slopes is way more exhilarating than any racing video games we’ve played.

5) Paragliding at Bir Billing: Confession time; we have all wondered what it must be like to be a bird and scan the blue skies while soaring high above and amongst the clouds. That opportunity couldn’t be more real than in Paragliding. You will literally feel the wind beneath your feet in this one, as you glide across the horizon. Bir is the most popular spot for paragliding in India with the most picturesque views. 

6) Body Surfing in Corbett: This is for anyone who has a massive fear of water and wants to overcome it but in a gentle way. You just need to trust your personal floatation device, lay your head back and then float along the cool, rippling water coming from the canal amidst the Corbett. Your body automatically floats on the surface of the mellow waves. Perfect as an initiation activity.  

7) Tiger Tacking in Ranthambore: Live your childhood stories of tracking tigers and wildlife in dense jungles. This will require you to identify and follow the footprints of the jungle king in the richness of Ranthambore forests. If you are patient enough, you might be rewarded a real life encounter with these magnificent beasts. 

8) Star Gazing at Sariska: Adventure is about exploring and understanding the various elements around us. Sometimes it requires pausing and taking a closer look. Star gazing is one of the most intriguing activities you can do. It’s like opening your mind to a new world. Sariska is the sweet spot just 5 hours from Delhi where you can decipher stories from the constellations and the milky way.

9) Zorbing at Rocksport Day out Programs: Have you ever been inside a giant transparent ball of plastic and been rolled around? You probably have only in your dreams but this activity actually exists. The ball is called an orb and once inside it, you are rolled around in all directions. You don’t even have to travel far for it and can experience this unique adventure activity at the Rocksport Day out Programs

10) Skydiving in Dubai: Saved the best for the last. Skydiving doesn’t need explaining. All it needs is a whole lot of guts. When you think you are ready to defy gravity and then feel the full force of it in one steep go, you’re ready to dive from the sky. This is definitely a once in a lifetime adventure which you also get to brag about

That’s plenty to keep your 20s occupied. Hope you get the kick from these adventure activities. 

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