Out of Birthday Party Ideas? Plan an adventure day out!

Everyone loves birthdays and celebrations. Even if one may not show it, secretly we all crave a birthday party where we can mingle with our friends, family and make a year’s worth of memory before stepping into a new one. For kids, it’s definitely the most exciting day which they look forward to earnestly. But planning an epic party requires work and not everyone has the time for it. Sometimes you just run out of options and other times there are so many options but none that fit the bill perfectly. Also, it’s quite likely that you are bored of spending your birthday the same way each year.  If you have found yourself in this dilemma, consider turning your or your little one’s next birthday party to an adventure day out. 

4 Reasons To Plan An Adventure Day Out

Be it Delhi, Mumbai, or anywhere in between, there are plenty of options for choosing an adventure camp where you can host a legendary birthday party. We give you some solid reasons why to opt for them-


adventure day out!Unique Experience : If there is one day to feel special, it’s birthdays and the lengths that we go to, in order to give our loved ones an experience they can remember and cherish on this special day has no end. But long story short, you want everyone to have a good time and nothing beats adventure in that department. You can expect your day to be packed with the adrenaline filled activities that will surely be a first time for many folks. After all, how many times have you faced the challenge of climbing a rock wall or going three sixty in a zorb ball at a birthday party? It’s a great opportunity to boost a kid’s confidence by exposing them to do something out of the ordinary. People will remember this party for a long time! You can go for a one day trip to an adventure Camp in Gurgaon to enjoy zorbing. 


adventure day out!Eco friendly : Compared to an ordinary party, where heaps of toys, balloons, wrapping paper and all sorts of non disposable items are involved, we vouch for an adventure day out because it causes least harm to the environment. In the outdoors, the focus is bound to shift from the material to the real. Instead of sparkles and glitters, you revel in a real sunset! Current consumeristic trends have made us dependent on You would be setting a great example not just for your kids but also their friends or fellow family members. Check out the adventure program at Kundli.   


adventure day out!Nature Connection : Considering that on our birthdays we complete a year around the sun, doesn’t it make a lot of sense to recognise that connection by spending time in nature? Go beyond people and open yourself to new species of flaura and fauna, watch and identify migrating birds in their true habitat, play a game of treasure hunt amidst lofty green trees and feel freedom and joy for being part of such a fabulous planet. A day out with your family in such a location will give you the much needed change in scenery.  Check out the adventure program at Greater Noida.


adventure day out!Healthier Food : Food is a high point of parties but let’s be honest, we all tend to go overboard on birthdays. Cake, coke, chips and fried snacks are all too familiar guilty pleasures. Thankfully, day trip campsites organise fresh and healthy meals for you. You can eat to your heart’s content since you would have earned it after the plethora of activities. The ingredients are locally sourced and you can have it customised to your liking. Birthdays are a great occasion to pay heed to the saying, ‘You are what you eat’. Completing a year means the beginning of another, so why start with junk? Enjoy your meal under the blue skie at Camp Rajpura.


Ditch your over the top birthday party plans and try something different with an adventure day out. There are several routes of arriving at fun, think of this as an unconventional one. And one thing we can assure you of is that you will get your money and time’s worth. 

We have curated a list of best picnic spots in India that offers an unconventional twist to your celebrations. Try out: 

  1. Rocksport Camp, Gurugram
  2. Rocksport Camp, Kundli
  3. Rocksport Camp, Thane
  4. Rocksport Camp, Rajpura.
  5. Rocksport Camp, Greater Noida


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