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Words from our clients

Adventure trips give children an opportunity to enhance their team work, leadership skills and time management. It gives them hands-on experience and helps overcome challenging tasks.


Rocksport needs to be congratulated for making experiential learning authentic and safe. The entire team is focussed , honest & friendly. Surely an organization you can trust.


Adventure camping not only educates but being IAYP compatible it also helps obtaining necessary credits for fulfillment of IB curriculum. We at Pathway, acknowledge the collaboration with Rocksport in successfully organizing several adventure programs and camps in past years.


I needed a break away from the hustle-bustle of the city, which is what Rocksport Mussoorie offered me. It is difficult to describe the landscape around the campsite in words – it’s that beautiful. A must-visit for all nature lovers. I would like to thank the staff for their excellent services.


At age 55, I was a little skeptical to plan a camping holiday. Little did I know this would be the most cherished experience of my life. The time I spent amidst nature and the valuable insights I got from the Rocksport Mussoorie team brought me back as a changed person.


For the first time in my life, I decided to go camping. I am glad I made the right decision by choosing Rocksport Mussoorie as the campsite is very beautiful amidst nature. It was both a learning and fun experience to walk past the greens and streams to make our way to the destination. Great Arrangements! I am definitely coming back for more.


Rocksport programs offer many benefits to students in terms of strength building, holistic wellbeing, development of Positive attitude & internalization of essential Life Skills. The plethora of activities offered at camp pose sufficient challenge according to the age and level of students while providing a memorable and fun experience. The Rocksport staff is highly courteous and very well trained to motivate students and deliver safe programs.


I firmly believe that adventure education provides a great platform for students to unleash their inner strength and imbibe new skills. In today’s increasingly competitive world, there is a need to supplement academic excellence with strong characteristics and through hands on learning, where students take accountability for their peers and think on the spot, they evolve into stronger personalities. I thoroughly endorse these programs for the ‘beyond textbook’ learning they provide to students.

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