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Rocksport programs offer many benefits to students in terms of strength building, holistic wellbeing, development of Positive attitude & internalization of essential Life Skills. The plethora of activities offered at camp pose sufficient challenge according to the age and level of students while providing a memorable and fun experience. The Rocksport staff is highly courteous and very well trained to motivate students and deliver safe programs.


I firmly believe that adventure education provides a great platform for students to unleash their inner strength and imbibe new skills. In today’s increasingly competitive world, there is a need to supplement academic excellence with strong characteristics and through hands on learning, where students take accountability for their peers and think on the spot, they evolve into stronger personalities. I thoroughly endorse these programs for the ‘beyond textbook’ learning they provide to students.


I congratulate the Rocksport team for their ability to maintain high energy levels throughout their programs. Without a dull moment, students learn to overcome their fears and become more self-disciplined. Kudos to the team for teaching rigors of life, survival skills, value of teamwork and leadership in such practical and interesting way! I hope these activities can be made accessible to a larger number of students in the future.