5 Reasons Why Family Picnic With Kids Are Important

It’s an era when kids usually love to spend time with their gadgets rather than engaging in physical activities. These small handheld devices are attracting children more and they prefer exploring various games and apps to kill boredom. Spending hours on social media and playing video games is the new normal. This is completely wasting the beautiful childhood times of kids as they don’t seem interested in going to the playgrounds.

Adventure is totally missing from their lives and they’re turning into introverts due to a lack of quality family time. Therefore, you shouldn’t underestimate the benefits of a family picnic with kids. Parents should also understand the importance of giving ideal opportunities to their kids i.e. breathing in a fresh atmosphere, running, and playing in the garden, and sitting with the family to have some chit-chat.


It’s Good for Family Bonding

It really sounds strange if we see kids spending 1 to 2 hours daily talking to their parents. Nowadays, children are more interested in buying and playing with their gadgets. They don’t spend quality family time. Taking your kids out for a picnic can get them to share their life problems and challenges. They will be able to get a true sense of love, protection, care, and belonging. In fact, Adventure picnics have much more beyond enjoyment.

We usually prefer spending our weekends to take some rest and forget about the fact that our kids are being spoiled by the sedentary lifestyle. Parents always want to have a great bond with their children. This is definitely a recommended way to do so.


Children’s Mental Development is Important as well

Spending hours in front of a television, mobile, or desktop screen definitely have serious negative health effects on the kids. Spending a few hours outdoors can make them feel refreshed. The fresh air and playing games rejuvenate them.

Kids might feel stressed because of their studies and examinations. This can alleviate that stress for some time. Viewing the green spaces (based on trees, grass, flowers, etc.) is a great stress buster for any human. It encourages the physical as well as mental development of children. An  Adventure styled family day out once a week might turn out to be highly beneficial for your children from a health as well as entertainment point of view.


Motivate Yourself to make it a Habit

Do not let this tradition end ever and be regular to follow this healthy habit at least once a week. It is a much healthier alternative than just viewing the city from your room’s window or balcony. The whole family can spend hours talking, playing, and eating healthy food together. Allow them to play under the sunlight in the chilly winter season. Direct exposure to the sun is ideal for our bones and produces vitamin D.

Try to give the required amount of vitamins to your kids from an early age. Just think that a day out with family is also good for your mental and physical health. You’ll literally get the energy every time to do the preparations and head for a one-day outing. Try to think like this and planning an awesome family outing twice a month would become your habit.


Connect to the Nature

Children don’t usually love lush green areas with a lot of peace and a fresh environment. However, it is your job to make them habitual of visiting such places. They should often ask you to visit a park or any picnic spot near you every week. Get a break from video games and social media and go for some mind therapy. Make a list of must-haves for your day out with family.

Explore new things and places in the countryside and connect with nature. Plan a bonfire in the forests, do some self-cooking and go trekking or hiking with the children. Camping is itself an ideal way to befriend nature in the best possible way. Increase their interest in learning about species of water bodies, animals, birds, etc. Take them to a village and explain how things used to happen traditionally. The way they collect water from faraway places, how they cook food, and what transportation they use must be in the knowledge of all kids.


Feeling of Recognition

The children would have a different affection for you if you take them for a picnic at least twice a month and let them experience the joy of the outdoors. They would start calling you a ‘Super Dad’ or ‘Super Mom’ for sure. Every parent feels happier by seeing their kids glad about learning and enjoying the way they wanted. You’ll simply get a great feeling of recognition and your kids would appreciate it as well.

We (as a parent) should set an example in front of our kids so that they never stop praising us anywhere. It’s our responsibility to make them familiar with what’s right and what’s not. They can definitely stop irritating you for some time after grabbing their gadgets. But what about the lasting impact which will ruin their mental and physical health? Think wisely and tolerate their behavior to stop them from becoming habitual of using gadgets.


Some Final Thoughts

One of the major mistakes done by parents nowadays is to give gadgets to their toddlers so that they work on anything with peace of mind. Well, this is the main reason that makes your kid habitual of relying on video games, watching videos, and using social networking sites. You still have time to take them out of such habits.

Try to plan a picnic or day out with family twice a month and you’ll see the difference in their choices and thoughts. It doesn’t just have mental health but physical health benefits too for the kids. You can also start feeling relaxed and refreshed by heading to a park, beach, hilly spot, or an ideal place for a picnic.

If you are still unsure about choosing the right place for a picnic, then go for an Adventure Styled Family Picnic this time.  It has all the elements of a fun-filled action-packed outing for everyone. Let’s explore and enjoy more.


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