In School Programs

Rocksport In-School programs are conducted over 4 to 24 hours for students of all age groups, within the school premises. The school playground is transformed into an adventure zone using our Collapsible Mobile Adventure Setup (CMAS). Through the course, students enjoy a combination of adventure activities, army obstacles, fun-filled games and life skill activities making their learning experience rich, radiant and rewarding. With affordable prices, the Rocksport In-School Programs benefit students of all classes as they provide essential life skills education.

Adjustable with school curriculum

Adventure zone within schools

Short, age appropriate and easily affordable

Combines thrilling adventure activities with fun filled camping games

Makes the child confident, focused and motivated

Program Options available

9 am to 1 pm

A short and crisp program that starts and ends within the school timings.

9 am to 4 pm

An action packed adventure day in your school with hygienic meals and exciting camp games.


An experience of staying in tents away from parents within a controlled environment and safe boundaries of the school.