Learning Happens Through All That Happens Around You

Teachers stay life-long learners and children learn to speak and communicate with proper words even before they become aware of the alphabet. This is largely due to the environment in which they are born. This is the beginning of experiential learning. Schools have transformed and come a long way in their journey of experiential learning.

Schools have taken a whole new meaning with learning happening in a different environment. Today’s youth is much more informed due to which classrooms are continuously evolving. Teachers stay life-long learners. And the most they learn is from the children! It is time to unlock the inner potential of children through participatory learning, and by sharing of best practices across schools.

Children need to become self-directed by creating pro-thinkers and problem solvers who would be ready to face any challenges. The transition is from do and learn to apply and analyze, from chalk and talk to hands-on learning. There has to be an investment in capacity building.

The contributor of this article is Ms. Aparna Magee, Principal, Ramagya Group of Schools.

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Experiential Learning Cannot Be Replaced.


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