Adventure Based Leadership Curriculum is a New Way of Shaping Lives of Children

Teachers are like proxy parents for children and have a huge role to play in shaping a child’s outlook on education. Children learn from their mistakes. When they explore and experience things for themselves, they learn the right from the wrong and this puts things into perspective.

Only things that are liked will be remembered whereas unpleasant experiences are most often forgotten. Hence, it is important for teachers to work on enhancing the retention capacity of the students and emphasize on how experiential learning can be incredibly engaging.

The curriculum needs to be revisited in a way that brings in adventure-based leadership which eventually shows children how to deal with practical situations utilizing their adventure-based knowledge. Every single resource can be made into experiential props while teaching children.

Teachers have long come to terms that in order to actively create knowledge in classrooms, it is important to engage the children more rather than just allow passive learning of studies. Teachers should encourage children to draw out an experiential calendar at home which has a mix of drama, movies, writing, research, virtual field trips, smart music, dance, theatre etc. so that this indoor time is utilized in holistic development. Children also look forward to this instead of just looking at it as a medium of entertainment. Technology can also be used to advantage to build a strong sense of community within the children.

The contributor of the article is – Ms. Nalini Arora, Founder Principal, Shirdi Sai Public School, Moradabad.

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