5 Reasons to go for an Adventure trip with your Family

When you think of family trips, the first thing that may come to mind is driving off to a hill station to get away from the city. While it may sound like fun, what you don’t know you’re missing out on is the most exhilarating and memorable experience you can have with your family. Yes! we are talking about a full-blown adventure camping trip. But not just any trip, this one comes with a personal camp chief who’ll ensure your days are packed with adventure, fun, food and games back to back. These adventure programs come with a host of benefits for people of all age groups.  During these trips, you can be rest assured that you will be on your toes throughout and will only be asking for more by the end of it. Not only are such things about having fun but they can also be therapeutic in many ways. Here is why an adventure program should be on your next family trip agenda:

Adventure ProgramQuality Family Time – Time spent in the outdoors with your loved ones can help build and strengthen relationships. It could involve dividing yourself into teams to complete tasks together or competing in fun activities such as caving in Nainital, mountain biking in Mashobhra, a jungle hike in Chail, an obstacle course in Mussoorie, or a rafting race in Rishikesh. This kind of quality time makes for a great opportunity to bond over challenges in the pristine outdoors. For parents, it provides the chance to be a role model to their kids by showing them how to be brave, persevering and self-sustained. For children, it is a way to come face to face with some of their fears and feel supported to overcome them. At the end what makes the biggest difference is that you get to confront your strengths and weaknesses in the company of your family members which is the best way to know someone in the most meaningful way.

Reasons to go for an Adventure ProgramAppreciation for nature – Staying connected with nature is imperative to humans. Our current lives may not allow much of it but that is precisely why we need to make an effort towards it. All it takes is a weekend of unplugging in a place where you can feel the cool wind on your face, drink out of a freshwater spring, smell the foliage around you, encounter wildlife in their natural habitat, watch a magical sunset from a hilltop or lie under a sky full of stars. These little things help us bring back our focus to the simple yet stark beauty of nature that we gain so much from and appreciate. The profound impact of such experiences is not short-lived but lingers on for an extended period of time and keeps us grounded in the long run. This becomes an even more important lesson for young kids as the onus to raise an environment-sensitive generation lies on us as parents.

Align the body clock – Sleeping late and eating unhealthy are issues that plague our modern life. While the idea of a schedule may not fit your average holiday plan, it becomes the best part of an adventure program of this kind. Be prepared for back-to-back adventures laid out by the minute. Give your body clock the chance to get back on track while spending time in the outdoors with fun being the main agenda. You can trust the birds and the sun to wake you up before your alarm clock does. Knowing that a day full of activities is scheduled, you will automatically want to be up on time and not miss anything. On top of that, eating healthy and local camp food at the right time will bring your body’s system back in place. Activities such as hiking and rock climbing are known to boost metabolism and while they will keep you fully engaged, eating a hearty meal at the end of it will feel well deserved. If you give yourself the chance to completely engage with a day full of adventure activities, you are sure to hit the sack sooner in the night as well.

Digital Detox – We live in a world where despite being constantly connected through technology, we are disconnected from ourselves and our loved ones. This clearly calls for the need to dedicatedly take the time out for reconnecting with things that truly matter. Give yourself and your family the much-needed break from screen time. The thrill of climbing trees, being suspended on a zip line several feet off the ground, or climbing a rock face has a far better impact on the human psyche and development than watching a movie, however meaningful it may be, glued to a screen. Have a real conversation with your kid while looking at the billion-starred sky from your cottage. Remember, real learning happens on the ground. Children also come out of such trips with a more curious outlook towards life.

Be Present – Sometimes we forget what it’s like to be present in the moment. Think of adventure programs as a hole that you can temporarily disappear into. Become a child again, give a name to your team or tribe, fight off each other in exciting games that need you and not just your phone to be smart. No artificial sounds interrupt the calm of nature. Sharing your thoughts and stories not on apps but around a crackling bonfire. Having a delicious self-cooked meal using the firewood you gathered together. These memories are likely to stay with you and your children for much longer. Being in communion with the outdoors is the best way to bring people together.

The next time you plan a family trip, try this unconventional but exciting option. You’ll be surprised to find that it offers something for everyone, especially for the child inside us. After all, it’s not every holiday that you can pick up new skills or change bad habits to good. See you on an adventure program soon.

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