On a regular given weekday at office, apart from the official meetings and presentations, there are multiple informal interactions that take place. No matter how swamped we may be with deadlines and daily stressors, at the end of the day, as social animals we seek out connections with our peers. In a workspace, it is what keeps employees spirited and gives them a sense of belonging. This interdependence is a way of reinforcing trust amongst colleagues, a feeling that keeps the general morale at work high. Now with a pandemic forcing us to work remotely from the confines of our homes, the opportunity to meet and talk informally is quite lost. The economy is in a frail state and the future blurred with uncertainty. Which is why it becomes even more pertinent for businesses to re-think ways of spurring their employees back to action with more energy.  We know the idea of a corporate outing feels like a distant dream as of now as travel restrictions bind us to our respective cities. In such times, an adventure day out program can be a great alternative. To break it down, the program is a day filled with adrenaline charged team building activities and fun games that not only bring in the element of adventurous respite but also become a unique possibility to integrate training with recreation.  Such ideas are a unique alternative to the mundane corporate events too.


Here is why such day-outs are still very relevant-

TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES1. Work Environment: Any given work culture is defined largely by the environment in the work space. The physical domain of work bears strong representation of a brand and it’s values and this plays a key role in keeping employees engaged and immersed. Working from home deprives employees of these surroundings. This directly results in an obvious drop in their morale which in turn affects productivity. This monotony can be broken down with a much needed recharge. Get your folks out together for a team outing, indulge in team building games and remind them of the true meaning of team spirit. 


2. Disconnected Goals:  Greater growth and profitability is only possible for businesses when the entire workforce is on the exact same page. That means at work, the vision and goals of a company should be ever present in the minds of their employees whether introduced through incentives or competition. Too much time spent away from this frame of mind can cause a shift in the alignment of their goals versus the company’s. Not being appreciated or feeling like their work is not given due importance may lead to a feeling of powerlessness which can have detrimental impacts on the overall performance of a business. Bringing the entire team together for a day out which offers energetic team building games  gives companies the chance to acknowledge the value each individual adds to the team and reconnect as a family with one big aim.    


3. Training and Upskilling: An organisation that feeds their workforce with the appetite to improve and learn, move forward faster. Without effectively enabling and upskilling them, organisations may end up stagnating in one place. Be it revamping existing operations, new executive strategies or digitalising things, equipping your employees with the right intel and corporate training is the need of the hour. This holds most importance in times of crisis such as this when skill upgrade is constantly required. Adventure programs are a great way of incorporating corporate training and developing the concepts of leadership, trust, team building and behavioural skills through a structured and curated team building activity plan. 


4. Effective Engagement: Communication between an organisation and it’s players is a continual system that ensures unhindered functioning. It is a two way commitment based on integrity and transparency. It needs to be sustained for meeting the bigger organisational goals. But what happens when there is a lag in that communication? Lockdown has definitely added more than just a lag to the work life. Despite the marathon of back to back online meetings, are your employees gaining the same amount of work satisfaction for the dedication you are expecting and drawing from them? These steps go a long way in ensuring a team that is constantly motivated to contribute to organisational success. In corporate outings, there is much scope for bridging this gap, improving the routes of the communication and strengthening the network in your team. Adventure is used as a medium to approach situations that require problem solving as part of teams.


Apart from what is mentioned above, the newness of the day-out locations along with undergoing new experiences is sure to inspire creativity and freshness in your team. As we come to terms with the situation that is changing every minute, we must learn to look at the same things but with new perspectives. No better place, than a day spent outdoors, to do that. 

Check out some day-out campsites near you to give a unique twist to your corporate events and team outings here!

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  • astha
    June 24, 2020 5:22 am

    Awesome read!


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