The Key Ingredients of a Successful Career

reema devanThe growing economy and rapid urbanisation have transformed the job scenario from what it was a few decades ago. With each passing day, we are now witnessing newer and more lucrative professions emerge, many of which do not depend on academic success. Many of these jobs are focused on soft skills and personality traits that children imbibe as they grow, such as leadership, solutions-oriented thinking, and collaboration. To meet the needs of this evolving marketplace where jobs that exist today may not be relevant tomorrow, it is imperative for schools to put greater focus on character development along with academic success. Reema Dewan – Principal, Delhi Public School, Chandigarh, strongly believes that character counts in the field of education. The two dimensions of scoring marks versus shaping characters are not mutually exclusive. One needs to have the right balance at the right time with the right intent and the right purpose. The focus should be on character building as much as developing other skills and creativities, that will automatically translate into better scoring. Unfortunately, there is a lack of vocational and skill-based professions today. As teachers, we must focus on developing learners for life. The dynamics of Education unfortunately specifies that survival in the competitive world requires marks. Life is not always going to give a second chance. Especially in the Indian context, one needs to overlook ‘what will people say’ and focus on making the most of the first chance that comes your way.

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