shveta agarwalOur evaluation system is directed towards encouraging children to scoring high marks instead of developing skills for overall character development. The evaluation system falls short of certain parameters which are important in today’s times. Firstly, the application of knowledge where the length and breadth of curriculum and the content that is being delivered to children needs to be revisited. There is no interdisciplinary approach or new dimension to what learners are being taught in school. Shveta Agarwal – Director, Cambridge International School, Amritsar, strongly believes that the motive of education should be to ask the right questions instead of focussing on getting the correct answers. Learners have been unfortunately focussing only on memorizing for the sake of marks instead of application of facts. There is a need for independence of thought. In the current system, learners are burdened with scoring marks so the fear of giving wrong answers is very high. Hence. they stop analysing methodically and learn by heart. Whether one is a topper or a back bencher, one needs to build the correct soft skills and become coachable and dependable. Children are being taught to handle questions independently but not as teamwork. This scenario has to change, and it is upon us educators to lead this task.

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