Schools Gear Up to Battle the Ill-Effects of COVID 19

Recognizing the damage COVID-19 has done to the growth and development of children, schools across the country are finding innovative ways to boost physical, mental and emotional well-being of children

 One of the biggest challenges of COVID-19 has been the significant impact it has had on the future of our society – our children. With schools being shut, their eyesight has weakened due to increased screen time; physical health has deteriorated due to lack of physical activities, ability to socialize and create emotional connections have diminished due to isolation and body clock has suffered due to a lack of routine.

Recognizing these grave challenges, schools are beginning to take brave steps to get their children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being on track as they reopen. With support from trusted vendors, they are conducting adventure camps with activities that motivate students to come out of home, meet their peers and learn as they play.

These camps are designed to effectively cater to the needs of children, with activities that boost gross motor skills, mental development and physical growth – all while learning to collaborate their peers, develop confidence to face challenges and learning problem solving.

One such school is Wisdom Global School  from Meerut that has conducted in school premises. The Principal of Wisdom Global School, Mrs. Aarti Kumar, says “Our students have been home bound for really long and this has significantly impacted their growth. As educators, it is our responsibility to conduct activities that provide them with opportunities to bounce back. Doing a camp inside the school was a very safe option as the students were anyways coming to school. Through the camp, we saw lost smiles come back as students rediscovered their love for physical play and never give up spirit while participating in soft adventure tasks. We choose Rocksport because they understand the developmental needs of students and have the best – in class infrastructure and staff that can assure camps are conducted safely, following all COVID-19 protocols.”

Similarly, DPSG conducted a day adventure program for their teachers. “just as students have suffered in this pandemic era, so have our teachers, who have been working for almost 12 months without any break. When the whole world paused, the schools did not. We took this initiative so that we could give teachers a break from their daily routine. Such adventure day outs also give a boost to their psychology, improve social ability, and help improve body clock. Basically, an adventure program kills the ill effects of the lockdown” says Mr. Trilok Singh Bist – Principal, DPSG, Vasundhara.

More and more schools are recognizing the power that adventure camps hold to unlock the potential of our children and help revive them from the adverse effects of the pandemic.

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