Mildred LoboAn individual is defined not by academic success alone but on his or her ability to navigate through challenges that life poses at various stages. Mildred Lobo – Principal, S.M. Shetty International School, Mumbai, voices that character building and academic achievement go hand-in-hand and are very closely entwined. Neither one needs to be sacrificed at the cost of the other. While grades would get one success, it is character that gets the respect and keeps you at the top. The most important lessons the lockdown has taught each one is the value of patience, gratitude, not taking anything for granted and adapting graciously. Some organizations have realized that the conventional hiring system is flawed. Instead fairness, responsibility, patience, and work ethics are being judged in candidates. It is only courage, endurance and fortitude that will help us face the world tomorrow. Jobs that are present today will no longer be relevant tomorrow. It is the job of educators to provide the moral compass to prepare the children for the volatile and uncertain world of tomorrow. The future calls for compassion, resilience, optimism, and positivity, where the power of love is unmatched.

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