One size cannot fit all just like one test cannot fit all

ShwetanganaRight from childhood, teachers and parents have been always directing children to an evaluation system where one size is believed to be fitting all. But that has never been the case. The notion that one test fits all has to definitely change, feels Shwetangana Santram – Principal, Wilsonia Scholar’s Home, Moradabad. She wonders how one teacher can assimilate varied thoughts amongst the same level of children. Therefore, it is unfair to evaluate all children equally. It is time to change our perspective on the evaluation system. The world has changed over time and we have realized that the character of society has also emerged consequently. We must know how to utilize knowledge for humane aspects that build character. Unfortunately, learning has always been directed to an evaluation system, but that needs to change now. What will emerge will be resilience which will be truly tested. She feels that teachers and parents have an equal role in shaping and building the character of children.

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