Missing going to water parks? Here is a list of adventurous water sports you can still do! 

Summers are upon us and as the sun spikes up the temperature, we can’t help but reminisce about what it’s like to splash around in cool water. There is something about the combination of water and summer that just spells out fun in every way. It is the ultimate way to beat the heat, relax, stay fit, learn a new skill and seek some thrill. Be it lining up to enroll at your local swimming pools, planning a day out at a water park or an extensive beach vacation to the sea, summer vacations and water sports are inseparable. Given the situation we are in right now, all these options seem pretty out of reach and validly so. Your regular family vacations plan may have fallen through but you can still quench your thirst for water sports with some of the most exciting activities in pristine locations away from cities. There are so many offbeat ways to indulge in water sports that will certainly bring out the child inside of you. What sets these apart is the learning aspect as each activity pushes you out of your comfort zone. They are not just  one time enjoyment sake but also teach character building traits such as overcoming the fear of water. 

Here’s some fun adventure water sports that you can plan for your next family vacation to make the best of your summer:

list of adventurous water sports1. Body Surfing: The most relaxing of all activities that literally requires you to ‘go with the flow’! A smooth current of water flows through the cool stream and all you have to do is suit up in your floatable jacket, lay on your back and oat along. This one is a family favourite and is enjoyed by folks from all age groups. It is a great water activity for building confidence in water as an element especially for young kids and makes for the perfect family bonding activity. Did you know that you can check out this really cool activity  near Corbett, one of the very famous wildlife attractions and favourite family vacation spot!

list of adventurous water sports2. Stream Runner: You may have walked alongside a stream but have you ever walked through one? Making your way up a stream, passing obstacles such as big boulders and crossing waterfalls with the help of a rope is what stream running is all about. This one is an all out fun water sport you can try in Mussoorie. It engages you physically and mentally. Having an objective like reaching the end of the stream gives purpose and a goal so that you will be encouraged to complete the task ahead, even if that means facing your fears. 

list of adventurous water sports3. Rafting: Adrenaline heavy and the most popular water sport out there is white water rafting. Few things in this world compare to the feeling of going against the gushing rapids in chilled waters of the Ganga river in Rishikesh. Feeling the current under you as the raft bounces and listening to the sound of the rapids from far before they arrive make this sport a very wholesome experience. Guided by a skilled chief instructor, all the folks on the raft act as a team and have to follow instructions to keep the raft afloat. It is a fast paced and action filled adventure that will literally leave you breathless yet wanting more. Rafting is a great opportunity to really dive into your fear of open waters and embrace it in the safest possible way.

list of adventurous water sports4. Raft Building: Get back in touch with your survival instinct by trying out a raft building activity; great DIY water sport which you can try at Pali, Near Mumbai. It comes with its own set of challenges and exposure. This will be really appreciated by the engineer or architect inside you as you learn how to make a raft using tyre tubes, bamboo and strings. It doesn’t end there of course as you also have to test your raft on a clear spring water stream. If it works well then you can run laps or race it out with your cousins. Concepts of balance and structure can be imbibed through this activity. Such self made efforts also encourage a greater sense of imagination through craft. 

raft building5. Kayaking: While similar to rafting, kayaking is a narrow water craft where you have to propel yourself using a specific kind of paddle. There is something peaceful about paddling your heart out in a kayak in the still waters of a lake. Once you have been instructed on how to paddle, it’s the most calming water sport while also working your muscles out. It helps develop a sense of coordination and balance as the kayak is manned usually by a single or two persons at max. You can forget all the worries in the world, as you float the surface of the serene waters of a lake. You can get a taste of this thrilling water sport in Lonavala. 


Make your family vacations memorable by going for these unique and refreshing adventure water sports. Promise you won’t regret it!

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