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Q1. What should I carry?

All the guests are suggested to wear a face mask and carry government ID proof, hand sanitizer, water bottle and be in sports attire (Track pants and t-shirts). In Indian clothing we suggest females wear Salwar Suite, guests in Sari will not be allowed to participate in activities. We also suggest you to carry carry- sun cap as we will be outdoors the whole day. 

Q2. Are Rocksport programs Covid safe?

Yes, All Rocksport programs are 100% covid safe if the participants follow the instructions laid out by us. There are strict protocols and procedures in place to keep both the participants and the staff Covid safe. To know more about how Rocksport programs are covid safe (read this).

Q3. I have never done adventure sports before. Should i still book it?

Rocksport programs are perfect for the beginners. We are also your first step to adventure. Our programs are designed in such a way that all ages and all levels enjoy the day as it’s not about the activities but the whole experience. You should definitely join the program.

Q4. How safe is the program?

Rocksport programs are 100% safe. We have delivered 100% error free programs in the past decade now. Over 15 lakh participants have experienced our program right from kids from school to families and some of the top leaders of the corporate world.

Q5. Is there any medical facility at the campsite?

Yes, There is basic first aid available at camp. All the instructors also have a first aid kit around their waste at all times. Most of the Rocksport instructors are also first aid trained.

Q6. How many activities are included in the package?

Rocksport program is about the experience and not only activities. It is about being part of a team, it is about doing activities with your team, earning points for your team and coming out as a winner by the end of the day.  Each team participates in 8-12 activities, few rides like tractor/camel/ horse and participate in a few camp games. The day finishes with prize distribution and dance on DJ

Q7. Are there any hidden charges?

No, your entry cost includes cost for all meals and activities.

Q8. Is there drinking water available on the campsite?

Yes, there is filtered water available at campsites. But to keep you safe from Covid, we do not provide glasses. We suggest you bring your own water bottle that can easily be refilled on the campsite.

Q9. Are there any charges for the meals?

No, the cost of the program includes all the meals.

Q10. How many meals do you provide?

We provide camping style Breakfast, Lunch and Evening snack which are tasty and hygienic at fixed timings.

Q11. Is there an option of Non-Veg. Meals as well?

No, We provide vegetarian meals only.

Q12. I have a 3 yrs old, are there activities for her too?

The Rocksport program is not about doing activities but the whole experience. All the campsites are in acres of green which provide a lot of open spaces for the kids to run around and play. A day in outdoors amidst nature is always a great option for families.

Q13. Do I have to buy a ticket for my infant?

No. Child below 5 years is complimentary.

Q14. How do I get there using public transportation?

We suggest you reach by private vehicle or taxi. Reaching by public transportation may become a challenge.

Q15. Can I come along with my grandparents?

Yes, you may come along with elderly people. The program is designed in such a way that all age groups enjoy. However if anyone wants to skip an activity or two, they may sit in the lounge area and enjoy nature around and have meals.

Q16. What if I or my kids want to do an activity more than once?

The Rocksport program is an experience which people love. After the breakfast the participants are divided into groups (family wise) and various teams compete against each other, enjoy adventure activities, play games and earn points for the team to make their team a winner.  Doing an activity more than once will disturb the format of the program and therefore we do not allow participants to do an activity more than once. 

Q17. What if I don’t want to be part of the program/few activities?

It’s perfectly fine. A lot of guests want to skip an activity or two. We also have guest who come to enjoy the vibe of the camp only. They enjoy the company of other guest enjoying activities, enjoy the meals and spend a day close to nature.

Q18. Is there a Souvenir shop at camp?

Yes, Souvenir shop sells T-shits camps and other Rocksport merchandise you might want to take back home as memory. The shop also sells some drinking water, cold drinks and packed snack.

Q19. I want to reschedule my visit.

We are sorry, Tickets once booked cannot be cancelled, re-schedule or refunded

Q20. Can I bring my pet along?

We are sorry, we do not allow pets on campus.

Q21. Are there rooms for overnight stay?

No, the camp is a day camp.

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