Values must be embedded in the ecosystem

There have been many academic developments against the backdrop of the pandemic. Schools have had to evaluate their standing against each of these criteria. Schools would in addition need to address the parallel pandemic of the psycho-social mental state of unrest that would have to be dealt with wisely. Looking at every school’s specific needs, it has to then be evaluated and the developmental goals outlined accordingly. Whether it meets the goals of the teachers is also something that needs to be evaluated. The curriculum also then comes into focus. How can all competencies get integrated for a holistic view of development? The focus must be on interdependence even while explaining simple Science concepts instead of making it too text-bookish and boring to remember. And finally, capacity building in making children more sensitive with values ingrained. Embedding our classes with values is another area for improvement that schools need to seriously consider. The need of the hour would be to take the data and feedback and build a cohesive platform. Sharing and empowerment amongst teachers must be encouraged.

The contributor of the blog is Ms. Sharmila Raheja – Principal, Uttam School for Girls, Ghaziabad.

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From TTT (Teacher Taught That) to STT (Student Thought That)


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