Students are human resources for schools and teachers

Teachers have been handling heterogeneous groups and multiple intelligences – some being tactile learners, while others being audio learners, so the teacher has had to train to be able to identify those kinds of students and then plan the lesson accordingly. Teachers have had to upgrade and upskill oneself so that they are a facilitator, whether at the click of a button or not, and whether information is readily available or not. Finding solutions is very important. Teachers have qualifications and experience but upgrading themselves, especially in unprecedented situations and change themselves in the ‘new normal’ has made the fraternity realize how important training has been to handle such situations. As principals and leaders, the onus of power and responsibility go hand in hand. The interactions with teachers and students through the year has highlighted the kind of impact there is on the school. Teachers need to realize that students are human resources. Some CBSE schools have set up manuals and centers of excellence have come up because everybody understands that capacity building is the need of the hour. In the present times, the child is affected by the physical environment, by his family and friends What the child is actually undergoing is known only to him/her. Teaching in such challenging times is not about disseminating bookish knowledge. Teachers have the power to change students’ lives. This is all the more relevant in smaller cities and metropolitan cities where both parents are working. So, training teachers is important, as schools are responsible for the upbringing of the children and children are under the care of teachers because it’s a huge responsibility.

The contributor of the blog is Ms. Anita Datta– Principal, Delhi Public School, Muzaffarnagar.

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Capacity building for teachers is the need of the hour

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