Pandemic Learning : A Boon For Schools

All learning has been about experiences that reflect and accommodate the future. With no designed curriculum for such a pandemic, schools have been taken by surprise. Children are experiencing a whole lot of cognitive learning and affective experiences that involve emotions and anxieties. Students have to be helped to comprehend, articulate, address, and manage this situation.

Experiential learning is happening at home with live examples of parents managing with limited resources, observing the different roles by genders, working with limited budgets, making decisions, etc. Children are also learning the importance of independent autonomy. All this has also taught children to articulate well and take independent decisions in life. There is a lot of unlearning also that has occurred. That learning can happen only within the four walls of a room, and that learning is limited through textbooks.

As educators, there has been a need to evolve and reinvent the way education is being administered. Paradoxical communication needs to be processed since the context has changed from a ‘no technology’ to a ‘technology-driven’ environment. Children have to feel equally involved in the learning process. Educators need to take a pause and reinvent the objectives of education and relook the process of learning.

Educators have a larger challenge of entering the spaces of children coming from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and acknowledge that learning is happening. Schools also need to plan on how to revisit the curriculum and understand how much every child has learned and retained.

The contributor of this article is Ms. Lakshmi Kumar, Founder Director, The Orchid School, Pune.

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Experiential Learning Cannot Be Replaced.

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