More than the sage on the stage – the teachers changing roles

In the given situation with everyone swept off their feet, yet everyone is grounded. All the teachers are frontline warriors, who have an equal contribution towards maintaining the continuity in education for children. Teachers have adapted so well to the paradigm shift of learning, unlearning and relearning. They have adapted well to the scenario which was the need of the hour. No one would have ever dreamt that schools would be bereft of children. Any infrastructure, however beautifully crafted, comes to life only when the life and soul of that infrastructure, the children and teachers are a part of it. This transition has not been easy for all teachers. Many had to be hand held and guided. Through collaboration and connection, this was possible. Teachers have in a way lived up to the quote – “The show must go on”. Teachers have all understood that change is the only constant and it happens swiftly. When returning to school, the bigger challenge awaiting teachers will be how to adapt to the new normal awaiting them, how to be comfortable in that new normal, and especially maintaining the emotional connect with the Children They will have to show empathy for the child and parent, as it is not easy for kids who have now got used to the comfort zone of their home Children are waiting to get back to school n meet their friends but in this new normal, what needs to be taken into consideration and is the need of the hour is the social distancing norms . It will be a new challenge for the teachers to make them understand and adapt to the New Normal. The teacher has to play the role of a facilitator n mentor to guide them and ensure that each one of them safely sail through the transition and rough sea .They should be taught to keep themselves contained yet enjoy themselves. The teacher needs to be more than the sage on the stage, she/he has to be a sage on the field.

The contributor of the blog is Ms. Vinita Malik – Principal, Delhi Public School, Bhopal.

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