Capacity building for teachers is the need of the hour

A teacher has to wear many hats, that of a counsellor, an instructor, an entertainer, an event planner, referee, guide, mediator, therapist, coach, friend, and philosopher. Teaching is one of the most challenging vocations in the world. In order to make it more fulfilling and worthwhile, there is a need to empower or build capacity by improving abilities. A generation ago, teachers could expect that what they taught would last a lifetime, but today teachers should prepare kids for jobs that have not yet been created or technologies that have not yet been invented. They also need to prepare themselves for problems that we don’t know are going to come up. Capacity building for teachers is the need of the hour. There are five categories of teaching needs which teachers would require for capacity building – cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual. Teachers must be cognitively and emotionally challenged, continuously planning for, engaging in and reflecting on learning experiences. They should reinforce physical need which is the need to feel safe and secure, fit resilient and strong. Teachers must be in collaboration (it is a 21st century skill), interdependent with reciprocal relationships, which are a must. They should also have a stress free, trusting, non-evaluative environment with spiritual needs addressed. These are often overlooked but must be emphasized. Teachers must heed the call of nature, transcend the curriculum, and dedicate themselves towards leading to a more beautiful and harmonious world.

The contributor of the blog is Mr. Adhiraj Singh– Principal, Mayoor School, Ajmer.

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